Riding Lessons

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We offer riding lessons to people of all ages and abilities. Our instructor, Ruth Squires, is certified with CHA - Certified Horsemanship Association. Our flexibility enables us to travel to your facility, allow you to bring your horse to us, or give you the option to master your horsemanship skills on our faithful school horses. Lessons and training are all based on per hour rates and built into monthly packages as detailed below.

Group (2+ riders): $120 per month per rider
  • 4 1 hour group lessons per month on scheduled day
    Private: $160 per month
  • 4 1 hour private lessons per month on scheduled day
    Family Group (2 riders): $200 per month
  • 4 1 hour group lessons per month on scheduled day
    Semi-Lease: $180 per month
  • 4 1 hour lessons per week on scheduled day
  • 4 practice rides per month
    Horse Crazy Students: $250 per month
  • 8 1 hour lessons per month on scheduled days
    (2 lessons per week)
  • lessons can be private or group
    Horse Crazy Semi-Lease: $300 per month
  • 8 1 hour lessons per month on scheduled days
    (2 lessons per week)
  • lessons can be private or group
  • 4 practice rides per month
    Lessons & Horse Training: $250 per month
  • weekly (1 hour) riding lessons on your horse
  • 4-1 hour horse training sessions by instructor

            The principal behind our method of instruction is that you, the student, learn from the best, most knowledgeable teacher out there, the horse. Our instructor is there to facilitate the learning environment by training you to listen to your horse and learn how to effectively communicate with that animal.
            Whether you are being taught on one of our seasoned lesson horses or your own personal companion, you will be enabled to better understand and speak to your horse therefore creating a happier environment for you and your horse alike. This will transfer through to every horse you mount in every capacity as you continue to ride and enjoy the equine world in the future.

    Meet the Teachers

    Beginner through Advanced English/Western Pleasure & Jumping


    12 year old Appendix Quarterhorse.  Came to Squires Stables in 2008 and has been a wonderful addition to the teaching team.  A pleasantly lazy personality and willing to work when properly motivated.  King is a great teacher as he makes his students work but takes care of his riders at the same time. 

    Intermediate through Advanced Pleasure Riding & Beginner Jumping

    Registered Paint, "Jackals CC" was foaled in 1994 in Brooksville, FL. Her early years are somewhat unknown but she lived on a farm in Brooksville until 2004 when she moved to Beverly Hills, FL. There she was given 90 days professional training and then a restful and loving home until she came to Squires Stables in September 2007. She is now learning to be a teacher and caretaker of our students and 4-H kids and she is doing very well. She is a sweet horse with a lot of character. She's a beautiful mover and teaches her riders to be aware of their influence on the horse by requiring constant attention to her needs. She is proving to be a great asset to our program and will enjoy many years of teaching to come.

    Intermediate to Advanced English, Western, and Jumping

    Registered Thoroughbred Gelding, "Blues Buster" was foaled in 1995 in IL. Buster is a 5th generation to War Relic who is the son of Man O' War. His bloodlines assured him an attractive racing career however that dream did not prevail. He was raced in small claims races until age 5 when his dream of being a famous racehorse crumbled. He then spent a few months at another stable before being discovered and purchased by our instructor, Ruth Squires. Ruth spent 4 years training and refining his skills. He is a seasoned pleasure horse in English and Western. This horse is brilliant and the intelligence and scope that he carries so gracefully also prove to contribute to his strong willed attitude. He requires a confident and well seated rider to bring out his talents. His abilities allow us to take a well started intermediate student to the next levels of advanced riding.

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